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What makes MTSS different

It is the ethos of MTSS that makes us stand out from the crowd. We believe that if we are to recognise and reward change across all aspects of purpose driven sustainability and social impact, then we have to be walking that talk ourselves.  

We are committed to ensuring that as an organization we adopt one of the frameworks in place for sustainability. We aim to push the sustainability boundaries further , everything we do is sustainable; but most importantly our programme has a purpose. MTSS is a joint non-commercial venture of two industry leaders who are combining their efforts to reshape the media tech sector to be more sustainable in all their efforts.  All content will be given away for free and no company or individual will be given special treatment. We’re not tied to any large publishing or event company, which means that our decisions and actions are not influenced by any vested interests or operational restrictions; we are free to develop the Media Tech Sustainability Series in line with our ethos.

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Our Aim

  • Educate the industry on ESG and general sustainability issues

  • Be a resource for knowledge sharing and thought leadership on this topic

  • Recognize those doing good work and making progress to embed ESG into their regular operations

Target Audience

The target audience is the global media tech industry, including such entities as broadcasters, studios, streamers, and other content creators as well as the technology firms who support and enable them through their hardware and software services.

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Our Program for 2024

Via our online platform available year round we will deliver:

  • Monthly webinar program

  • Annual MTSS Summit taking place in June

  • Interview series

  • Regular round table sessions

  • Educational program including accreditation scheme

  • Informal Eco Expresso sessions to share best practice, opportunities and concerns

  • Resources and toolkits

  • Who’s who in sustainability directory

  • Making sense of the Jargon Glossary

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In person education tracks alongside industry trade shows

  • Practical educational content

  • Thought leadership keynotes

  • Case study panel sessions

  • Industry meet ups

Resources and toolkits

  • Industry Sustainability Benchmark Report

Leadership Presentation
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