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Sustainability in Media 101

In the rapidly evolving world of media technology, the imperative to embed sustainability within organizational practices has never been more critical. "Sustainability in Media 101" is a training event designed especially for media tech professionals who are keen to ensure their operations not only thrive but do so responsibly, aligning with the broader, industry-wide push towards sustainability.​

This training session is designed for those who are just starting out and learning about the topic as well as those who have already begun their sustainability journeys. Meet like-minded people who are focused on making a difference in their organizations and the industry.

Event Highlights

Dive into the essence of sustainability, its critical role within ESG frameworks, and its tangible benefits for businesses.

Presented by Blair Huddy of

Hudson Davis Communications.

Best Practices in Sustainability Reporting


This session brought together a panel of experienced industry leaders, Guilherme Bennett of Globo and Dounia Czorniak of EVS Broadcast Equipment, who shared their insights and practical approaches to sustainability reporting. A candid discussion about the challenges faced in sustainability reporting, such as data collection, stakeholder engagement, and maintaining transparency. Panellists shared how they have addressed these challenges in their organizations.

Date presented: 21 February 2024

Carbon Footprint –

Enhancing Data Awareness


During this MTSS educational video, Barbara Lange of Kibo121 and Kristan Bullett of Humans Not Robots discuss the dual themes of collaborative efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the crucial role of data awareness in tracking and improving these sustainability efforts. The session bridges the gap in data understanding and utilization, fostering a more informed and effective approach to carbon footprint reduction.

Date presented: 24 January 2024

Sustainability in Focus:
The 2024 Media Tech Sustainability Series Preview


During this online media briefing we unveil the exciting initiatives and events that we're set to introduce in 2024. This briefing is an essential window into how our series will shape the future of sustainability in media technology, offering industry press and professionals a first look at our groundbreaking efforts.

Date presented: 1January 2024

Sustainability Exhibition Excellence: Navigation
Eco-Friendly Event Presence

Date presented: 5 December 2023

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