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Becoming a Partner

The Media Tech Sustainability Series offers free information, training and events around sustainability and ESG for media tech professionals to ensure the industry is informed. Support from partners enables us to deliver activity and initiatives laying the ground for a more sustainable Media Tech Industry.   

Why should I become a partner?

You can set a positive example as a business promoting sustainability. We have a unique approach when it comes to our partners, ensuring they maximize their opportunities and become active participants in our delivery in return for supporting us. We think carefully before inviting a company to work with us as a partner– they must be able to demonstrate their purpose-driven sustainability and good governance, as they will be sharing the limelight with MTSS throughout the year. To make our brand a ‘year-round’ initiative, we’ll be communicating and engaging in ways to ensure our sponsors benefit from a 12-month platform to maximize their opportunities with us. All partnership packages are for a 12-month period. 

Where can I learn more about partnership packages?

To find out more about this, please fill in the form below to download our media pack.

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