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The media tech sector is actively advancing towards sustainability, although it faces challenges and nuances within the industry.

There is a mounting awareness of the imperative for sustainability within the media technology sector, with numerous prominent broadcasters and media organizations launching initiatives aimed at reducing their carbon footprint, enhancing energy efficiency in their operations, and adopting environmentally responsible technological practices.


In addition, the media tech sector is increasingly prioritizing sustainability throughout its entire supply chain, encompassing the eco-conscious manufacturing of broadcast equipment and the responsible disposal and recycling of outdated hardware.


While the media tech sector has embarked on its sustainability journey, it is important to acknowledge that there is a significant path ahead for further progress.

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About the MTSS

The Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS) is committed to catalyzing positive change within the media tech sector by championing sustainability, innovation, and responsible practices.


At MTSS, our mission is to drive a paradigm shift within the media tech industry, fostering a culture of sustainability while enhancing its capacity for innovation.


MTSS is the only independent, platform focused on the Media Tech Sector offering complimentary services and resources to ensure that organizations are able to operate sustainable businesses and are prepared for the inevitable regulations that will require carbon emissions measurements.

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