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Introducing the Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS)

14 Nov 2023

A Visionary Collaboration Focused on a Sustainable Media Tech Future

Kibo121 and Dovetail Creative proudly announce the official launch of the Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS), a groundbreaking year-round program sculpted to spearhead sustainability within the media tech sector.


Emerging from the visionary insights of industry leaders Barbara Lange from Kibo121 and Lisa Collins from Dovetail Creative, the MTSS endeavours to champion sustainability initiatives and progress within media tech. Drawing on their combined 20+ years experience gained from the leading industry bodies SMPTE and IABM respectively, Barbara and Lisa recognized an urgent need for an ongoing discourse, training, benchmarking and resource hub focused on sustainability topics within the media tech domain.


The need for such an initiative was further cemented by the overwhelming success of the Media Tech Sustainability Summit in June 2023. This virtual summit amassed participation from over 500 delegates, signalling the media tech industry's growing appetite for knowledge on sustainable practices and insights.


MTSS will deliver its content and programming through monthly virtual webinars and other events, all recorded for on-demand viewing.  The kick-off webinar will be delivered on 5 December 2023 including a panel discussion on how to plan and deliver a sustainable exhibition experience.  Register for the free webinar at


Content will also be designed to be delivered at standing industry events. 


Lisa Collins from Dovetail Creative remarked, "The Media Tech Sustainability Series is more than just another initiative. It's our shared vision and commitment towards a future where technology and sustainability are intertwined. We understand the challenges our industry faces. Through MTSS, we aim to provide the tools and knowledge needed to navigate these challenges and foster innovation."


While the media tech sector has actively embraced sustainability, challenges remain. MTSS aspires to offer a vibrant platform for sharing best practices, continuous learning, and fostering impactful discussions.


MTSS’s independence ensures a commitment to an unbiased approach. By making content freely accessible to all, MTSS ensures equal access for everyone, without any favouritism, unwaveringly upholding its core principles.


Barbara Lange, CEO of Kibo121, says, “As the media industry embark on initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, the significance of adopting a sustainable approach has never been more apparent, particularly as government sustainability regulations roll out across the world. MTSS is committed to advancing this narrative, supporting the media tech sector in sustainable innovation.”


MTSS invites support from the industry to be able to make its programming and content freely available.  Sponsorships include the ability to co-brand events for a full year of activity.


MTSS are pleased to announce agreements with METexpo for 2024.   Bringing the Media Tech Sustainability Series (MTSS) course to Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific region represents a practical step towards creating a more responsible future for the media tech sector.  Our program equips industry professionals with the crucial skills needed to integrate sustainability into their business practices. We are delighted to be cooperating with the SMPTE Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Section on delivering this essential training.


"Bringing the MTSS course to the METexpo in Australia supports our effort to take substantive action in delivering sustainability training to the media tech sector.  As a responsible industry that impacts almost everyone, it is important we are proactive in our readiness to meet the social standards that are essential for its continued success. We are therefore pleased to expose the SMPTE METexpo visitors to this new vital education on sustainability,” remarked Paul Whybrow, SMPTE Chair, Australia, New Zealand and SouthPacific Islands Section (ANZSPI)


Join us in this transformative journey. Together, let's pioneer a sustainable future for media tech visit 


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