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Sustainability in Media 101 On Demand

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Dive into the essence of sustainability, its critical role within ESG frameworks, and its tangible benefits for businesses.


From environmental responsibility to social impact, empower your team with knowledge to create a lasting, meaningful impact.

Presented by Blair Huddy

Explore strategies for understanding and complying with sustainability assessments, disclosures, and regulations. Learn how to effectively navigate the complex landscape of sustainability responsibility.  Unravel the complexities of global regulations impacting the media industry, focusing on what to measure and how.

Presented by Amira Alfa


Uncover the  challenges and opportunities that sustainability presents within the media sector. Gain valuable insights through industry studies, offering a detailed perspective on the current state of sustainability efforts. Explore real-world case studies that illuminate the intricacies of sustainable practices in content creation, manipulation, and distribution.

Presented by Derek Powell and Fady Rashmawi


Learn what it takes to transform your productions into a sustainable success. Discover sustainable practices across every stage, from mindful set design to eco-conscious filming. Discover solutions that empower you to create captivating content responsibly, demonstrating your commitment to both creativity and environmental stewardship.

Presented by Jennifer Sandoval, Zena Harris and Andy Beale

Achieving Green Productions.PNG

Explore state-of-the-art green technologies and how informed choices can drive sustainability. Discover solutions that are helping to reshape the tech side of our industry's environmental landscape.

Presented by Ben Schwarz and James Stellpflug


Understand the significance of supply chain collaboration in achieving sustainability goals that can enhance efficiency and minimize environmental impact.  Unlock the potential for industry-wide cooperation, creativity, and responsibility. 

Presented by Andy Rayner


Now that you know the fundamentals, embark on your Sustainability Journey. From reducing environmental impact to fostering stakeholder engagement, this session will provide the practical steps to get you started.
Communicate your efforts, all while avoiding greenwashing pitfalls. Learn about strategies to promote the positive steps taken to reduce your carbon footprint, implement sustainable practices, and share authentic narratives. 

Presented by Veiko Sepp

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